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Battle Of The Boyne

Battle Of The Boyne Site
The infamous and decisive battle of the Boyne took place on July 1st 1690 between deposed King James VII of Scotland and II of England and his son-in-law and successor William for the English, Scottish and Irish thrones.

William had an army of 36,000 men composed of troops from many countries and James had 25,000 making it the largest number of troops ever deployed on an Irish battlefield .William's troops were in general far better trained and equipped than were those of James.
William set up camp on the North-side of the River with James to the South.

The battle itself was fought over a ford at Oldbridge with the casualty figure being about 2,000, quite low for a battle of such a scale.

The site of the battle covers a large are to the west of Drogheda. There is an interprative centre at Oldbridge which is currently being developed. It contains a display of replica 17th century weaponry and has an outdoor picnic area. There is a Live History event every Sunday from June to September. Limited parking is available.

The other main combat areas on the day (at Duleek, Donore and Plattin - along the Jacobite line of retreat) are marked with tourist information signs

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