The Boyne Valley - Ireland's leading tourist destination

Newgrange Passage Grave Newgrange
Newgrange is possibly the finest example of a passage grave in Western Europe and is Ireland's most famous pre-historic site. The passgae grave dates to 3000 B.C. according to the most reliable Carbon 14 dates available meaning it predates both Stonghenge and the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

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Old Mellifont Abbey Old Mellifont Abbey
Mellifont Abbey was founded by St Malachy in 1142 and was the first Cistercian abbey to be built in Ireland. The abbey sits in a peaceful location on the banks of the river Mattock around 7 miles from Drogheda.

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Hill of Slane Hill of Slane
The Hill of Slane has been associated with Christianity since the 5th century and was the location of the Pascal fire lit by St. Patrick on Easter Eve of the year 433 AD in defiance of the royal edict on the High King of Tara.

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Trim Castle Trim Castle
Trim castle is the largest Anglo-Norman castle in Ireland and the largest remaining Normam castle in Europe. The castle was constructed over a thirty year period by Hugh de Lacy and his son Walter and consisted of three phases..

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Battle Of The Boyne Battle of the Boyne Site
The infamous and decisive battle of the Boyne took place on July 1st 1690 between deposed King James VII of Scotland and II of England and his son-in-law and successor William for the English, Scottish and Irish thrones.

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Hill of Slane Hill of Tara
While reknowned at the seat of the high kings of Ireland with over 140 kings said to have reigned over the country from there, the importance of the Hill of Tara stretches bacl to the late Stone Age when a passage-tomb was constructed there.

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